66117 - Human Anatomy and Animal Biology

Scheda insegnamento

Academic Year 2013/2014

Learning outcomes

The students will learn about the organization of tissues and organs of the human body. This knowledge will allow them to better understand the subsequent classes of biochemistry, physiology, pathology and pharmacology

Course contents

1. Histology: epithelial tissues; connective tissues; muscular tissues; nervous tissue.
-muscolo-skeletal apparatus
-respiratory apparatus
-cardiovascular apparatus
-digestive apparatus
-urogenital apparatus
-endocrine apparatus


ANATOMIA UMANA -principi- Artico et al., Ed. Edi Ermes

ANATOMIA DELL'UOMO Ambrosi et al.,   Ed. Edi Ermes

ANATOMIA UMANA Martini  Ed. Edises Napoli

Teaching methods

During the classes overheads and slides will be projected to fully illustrate all the topics of the Contents

Assessment methods

There will be an oral examination with questions related to the topics discussed during the classes .The verbalization can occur in the absence of the student.

Teaching tools

Overhead projector, slide projector, personal computer, videoprojector.


Office hours

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