School Website

The website was set up to announce the new university reorganization and the transition from Faculties to Schools (Law 240/2010).

The School of Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Sport Science has invested in a centralized editing service to coordinate posting, updating and coordination of contents on the School website and the Degree Programme websites.

The editorial group comprises technical-administrative and teaching staff, representing the various sectors of the School and the two Vice-Chairmanships. The group is flanked by USD staff (Didactic Service Unit), one unit per Vice-Chairmanship, in order to handle and update announcements specifically connected with USD areas.

The website gives access to the Degree Programme websites which contain details of exams, lesson timetables, enrolments and specific instructions from each Degree Programme.


Please report errors, non-updated pages and other useful comments to the web reference person, Gisella Stoppelli.