The TOLC-I Online Test: general information

Students wishing to enrol for restricted admission degree programmes at the school must sit the Cisia Online Test (TOLC) at any university in the CISIA scheme and register for one of the selections listed in the call for applications.
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As of ac.yr. 2014/15 students wishing to enrol on a restricted-access degree programme in Biotechnology must first take a CISIA Test Online (TOLC) before enrolling for one of the selection rounds outlined in the Calls for applications. No other tests need be sat.

What is the TOLC test?

The CISIA Online Test (TOLC) is an orientative assessment tool for evaluating initial abilities, made available on a software platform managed by the Consortium of Inter-University Integrated Access Systems (CISIA). The tests are individual, differing from student to student, and consist of questions automatically and randomly selected from the CISIA TOLC database by a proprietary software developed and managed by CISIA. All generated TOLCs of the same type have the same level of difficulty. For further details please consult the CISIA website .

What do I have to do to register for a TOLC test?

Access the CISIA site and register for the TOLC-I test required for the degree programme that interests you:

The TOLC enrolment fee is €30, payable by MAV (payment slip) or credit card.

Where and how can I take the TOLC test?

 ou can take the TOLC test at any university in the CISIA scheme

A number of the University of Bologna's schools and degree programmes, based either in Bologna or at the Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini campuses, are in the TOLC scheme.

You can take the TOLC test at any campus and apply for any degree programmes requiring the TOLC-I test. You do not necessarily have to sit the TOLC test at the same campus where the degree programme you are applying for is based.